Risk Management is Everyone’s Job!

Risk Management is Everyone’s Job!

No one wants someone hurt on their watch!


What is Risk Management? Simply put, Risk Management is protecting people, property, jobs, and businesses. How this is accomplished can at times be very difficult depending on the risks involved. Really though, whose responsibility is Risk Management? We all believe the employers have a duty and responsibility to provide for potential risks and hazards, that’s a given. But do employees have any responsibility? How about clients or client’s families, do they have any responsibilities in Risk Management?

In a perfect world, there would be no risks or hazards. However, there is no perfect world! Everyone should have responsibility to protect against risks. You see ice as you walk up to your dentist’s office, should you step on it? No! Should watch out the window to see if someone else sees it or slips on it? No! You should also notify someone within the company the ice exists so they can remove it shouldn’t you? Yes! An employee sees a loose gutter on an overhang as he walks into his place of work, he should notify someone who can take responsibility to get that fixed shouldn’t he? How many people really do this? How many huge dangling icicles do employees walk by and never do or say anything about them? People have actually been killed by those huge icicles!

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I wonder how many times nothing is actually done, then sometime in the very near future shortly after that an accident takes place because of it. Employees do have a responsibility to their employers as much as the employers do to the employees, not to mention to clients or individuals who come in contact with the business, to manage risk. When the employer sets up the next safety meeting, it’s not another time waster. It’s a way we can all learn methods and techniques to be better while safer at the same time at our work. Injuries are not only extremely traumatic and painful; they can be very expensive. Law suits have been known to put businesses out of existence and placing workers in unemployment lines. Law suits hurt, but not as much as the injuries that can be inflicted on individuals sometimes.

Learning about safety and paying attention to it makes a great deal of sense for everyone involved owners, management, employees, and clients. No one wants to see someone hurt on their watch. In the long term care industry many of the clients who are helped are already frail so injury to them could be catastrophic. When their families come to visit they should be made very aware of all safety issues regarding clients and facilities to prevent incidents so no one gets hurt. We care about people, it’s everyone’s job to keep them safe. By keeping them safe, we take care of the most important issue of Risk Management, people.

What about Risks Not Involving Physical Injury?
Can non-injury related risks put your job or business in jeopardy? Absolutely! You just left work and can’t remember if the back door actually closed all the way and locked. Is this a problem for you the employee? Well, it can be if someone comes in and decides to burn the business down or steals a great many things. Sure, insurance will cover this and pay for it most likely. How long will it take for the company to get back into to operational business though? You’re out of a job until the business is up and running again. The average American can’t go to pay periods without pay.
If you see a fire extinguisher that needs to be recharged, should you do anything about it? Let’s say you inform your supervisor and they do nothing about it. There may not be much more you can do about it unless you can bring it to someone’s attention higher up the management line. If the top person does nothing about it, there’s nothing else you can do. I would be concerned, however, about working in a place where safety was not very important though.

What about risks which don’t directly affect you or your business, should you care about them? You’re at a client’s home and yo

u see something that appears to you which may be dangerous to someone in or entering the home. Should you say something? Some people might think this is an ethical question about getting involved in issues you’re not paid for. However, consider whether someone may get injured. How would you feel if someone ended up hurt and you knew you could maybe have stopped that from happening with just a few words?

We all need to be aware of hazards which can happen in one fashion or another. Risk Management is about preventing as many bad things from happening as possible. Some bad things cannot be avoided, so you plan for the time and case where they do happen. This is also in the Risk Management Plan. In work we should be thinking about safety at all times, not just for ourselves but for anyone who might encounter us or anything we’re involved in for the business. if you’re not sure what things you can help your company with in managing risk, ask your supervisor or boss. Although they might appear shocked at first by your questions, they will ultimately appreciate your concern for the business and those who do business with the company. Get on board with Risk Management, its’ everyone’s Job!

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