There are over 220 million licensed drivers in the United States. That’s almost 70% of the entire country’s population.

What that means for you is there are a lot of cars on the road and a lot of opportunities for accidents to occur.

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a rider?

We are.

Do you have an idea of how much motorcycle insurance that you should have?

If not, this article could possibly be of help to you.

How Much Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Do I Need?
Learn more about Motorcycle Insurance


Protecting Families & their dreams Protecting your ride is essential, and KMKInsure can help.

By providing access to many national and regional insurance carriers, we can custom-design an auto insurance policy that meets your needs.

Confused by all of the lingo in auto insurance?  Everyone, at some point, falls into this category.  Learning about the concepts of liability, and insurance policy features is something that we can do to help you with.

Contact a KMKInsure agent, or get your own quote online from many national insurance carriers.  We can customize a policy that is designed to fit the needs of you and your family.  And, we can save you money by bundling your home policy with your auto policy!

Call or stop by.  We’re here to be your hometown insurance agency!    


Small and mid-sized businesses is the businessowners:  there is a solution for your property & liability needs

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    This solution is called a Businessowner's Policy, or "BOP" for short.

    A BOP policy combines protection from all major property and liability risks in one package.  Depending on the insurance carrier, each has its own set of coverages and extras.

    BOP's typically include:

    • Property insurance for buildings & contents that are owned by the company,
    • Business interruption insurance, covering loss of income caused by a fire or other catastrophe (e.g. a disruption of business operations),
    • Liability protection, which covers your business's legal responsibility for the harm caused to others.

    Contact KMKInsure to discuss your business needs with a no-obligation get-together.    We're here to be your hometown insurance agency!

    Anytime Home and Auto Quoting

    • Preliminary Quoting Made Easy

      From the comfort of your home, or anywhere with your smartphone, simply enter information to start the initial quoting process. This initial quote precedes credit & background checks, so your finalized quote will be provided to you by a personal KMKInsure agent.

    • many quality insurance carriers

      Based on your information, we can provide pre-finalized quotes from carriers like Foremost, Progressive, State Auto, Encompass, MetLife, Allstate, Travelers, and more!

    • No impact to your credit rating

      Additionally, the fruits of your labor will not come back to harm your current credit standing.


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